Dates For Your Diary

World Sickle Cell Day - 19th June 2021 - 8AM EST/22:00PM Melbourne, AUS/ 13:00PM UK - Sickle Cell Trait Re-Education Session - Topic: Changing the Narrative on Sickle Cell Trait - Come join Dr Tomia Wooten-Austin and Dr Rob Sokolic and hear from our panel of Sickle Cell Trait Warriors sharing their symptomatic sickle cell trait stories with you!  Guaranteed to change your perspective or open your eyes to those of us living with SCT and all the challenges it brings! It is definitely not BENIGN!

Imagine being told you can't suffer symptoms of sickle cell disease, because you just have sickle cell trait?  Well many of us have experienced that!  Now imagine being told you can't suffer any symptoms of SCT because you're white!!!  Well Rochelle and her daughter have experienced this and we are discussing this topic to kickstart our myths about sickle cell trait we aim to bust!  Join us, details on flyer!