Take A Step Back

Re-Adjust And Re-Focus

Sometimes when the chaos of life gets a bit much, taking a step back is not necessarily a bad thing!

From experience I have found that when you need to breathe and think, taking yourself to a place where you can reflect and breathe and exhale, looking back on what your initial goal was, what the journey you have travelled has taken you on so far has it's benefits, as then you can decide to re-adjust as needed.

It is only by looking back that you can see where you may have gone slightly off course and then re-focus your gaze to where you hope or need to be! I have often found within the course of the last year that in order to climb onto a higher plane that there has been much looking back.

No, I don't mope around or if I do it really isn't for long, I don't have time for sob stories for myself or pity parties. I have my destiny to get to!

Yes, I look back to rejig and shuffle my eyes back to seeing my crown, this has greatly enabled me to look up and raise my head up high.

Leaving footprints of reflection

Leaving footprints of reflection

So What's Next?

Many times have occurred where looking back can cause hurt and that is not where I long to stay, so I use that emotion to hurtle me into my future.

Wherever the journey may take me. I am ready for it!

Ups and downs, highs and lows and there will be plenty. However, I know that I shall be okay because I face those fears and shadows from the past, which have caused me to grow stronger and wiser with time!

With this knowledge and those visible footprints of where my soles have previously trodden, I look forward to the next steps even when the sky in front of me is blurred by a temporary fog!

Ready to Venture Beyond the Fog Which Clouds My Way

Ready to Venture Beyond the Fog Which Clouds My Way