Healing From Within....

I have always been a big believer in natural supplementation and as a certified Holistic and Wellbeing Therapist and a Nutrition Advisor I stand by natural supplementation and it's potency in enabling and supporting the body to heal from within.

Of course, the best healers come from the earth, either from eating a rainbow diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices and natural plant based oils, rich in vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids.

Whilst going natural is great, we also have the problem of over farming the ground, pesticide pollution and cold storage within supermarkets.  Over time, this has resulted in our foods losing much of their mineral content and nutrition.

Eat a Rainbow Diet

Eat a Rainbow Diet

Blood boosting fruits

Blood boosting fruits

Natural Supplements

With my mother being African, I grew up knowing only too well the power of herbal tonics, teas, plants, spices and seeds, along with supplementation for their vital immune health boosting properties.

I often recall being wounded from a fall and having gashes so deep and bleeding everywhere. My mother would throw a handful of salt onto my open wound to firstly disinfect it and to ensure that the cut stops bleeding, as salt dehydrates, causing blood to clot and scab formation to form quickly.

Whilst I hated this painful method of my mum's 'quick fix', I also knew first hand that it worked.

I also knew that the most bitter herbal teas for that dreaded time of the month for every woman or girl can be of great relief for menstrual cramps and blood detoxification, because that was what I was given every month for my painful periods.

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Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Natural Herbal Medication

Mixed Spices

Mixed Spices

Ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory in their nature; helping reduce swelling and pain and hawthorn berries are great for reducing blood pressure.

Raw aloe vera gel from the leaf of one of the many plants we had growing up in our house, was often used for it's cooling effect on my mum's burned hands when she touched a hot pot bare handed and also as a hair mask.

My mum even drank the raw gel straight from the leaf, but I couldn't stomach the taste though.  The bitterness of this really powerful plant, would make me almost throw up and it just wouldn't wash off my hands for hours, eww!

You name it, as long as it's natural and good for me, I most likely have tried it, because I know the potent benefits of the earth's goodness are better than any pharmaceutical medications by far!

Now that doesn't mean that I do not believe in taking any medication, as when I am in pain, I do take them when I cannot find relief with just using herbal products. I prefer not to solely rely on them for pain relief or for long term use, where possible!

I do understand that due to some herbal medication being so potent, that it cannot be used alongside pharmaceutical meds, so it is always adviseable to check with your Doctor if unsure of the safety of using both together.

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Blood Cleansing and Oxygenation

Due to sickle cell affecting the oxygen levels within the blood, I learned the nutritional properties of Liquid Chlorophyll are very helpful in building haemoglobin levels when they are low.

Chorophyll is the 'blood', the life source of plants, so to speak. Characterised by it's green colour, this drink is suitable for any age, child or adult, diluted in water and helps in cleansing and oxygenation of the blood.

Great for assisting in blood cell hydration, which is a MUST for all with sickle cell anaemia or carriers of sickle cell, such as myself with the trait or for general oxygenation of the blood and better hydration!

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Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll - RRP £15. 25 (discounts available for registered customers) - click the link highlighted below to order yours today: https://lilyandloafinternational.com/products/liquid-chlorophyll?aff=408775

Find out More about the Circulatory System Here

Find out more about the circulatory system and how you can support good circulation by clicking the following link: 

Circulatory System

Circulatory System

When that Chronic Fatigue Hits

For an energy boost when you feel lethargic or if you suffer from chronic fatigue and just need an uplift check out our wide selection of herbal, potent and nutritional range of supplements to suit your needs here:

Just can't stay awake!

Just can't stay awake!

Suffering with Muscle Cramps?

Did you know that calcium and magnesium aid in reducing muscular cramps and spasms.  It helps relax the nervous system, reducing tiredness and fatigue. 

Magnesium and Calcium work better combined to support bones, teeth and muscles.  While magnesium helps dissolve kidney stones and works as an alkaliser for the body along many other benefits.

(Ref: Horne & Balas; The Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products; 6th Ed.Tree of Light; 2014).

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Muscle Cramp

Muscle Cramp

Bone, Joint Pain, Low Mood?

Did you know that Vitamin D is important for Calcium absorption?

Vitamin D is also called the 'Sunshine Vitamin' as the body usually acquires this from exposure to UV light (sunlight) and from the diet

Vitamin D deficiency can cause many health problems including regular infections, fatigue, bone and muscle pain, low mood and other ailments.

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