Growth is Painful & Not Always Visible Outwardly!

I learned that pain and growth go hand in hand!

Yes without pain, you cannot grow.

Hard as it is, it is the simple and honest truth!


I find through the most uncomfortable times in life, that pain precedes growth spurts. I know from experience that this rings true for me.

Growth Takes Time to See Outwardly

Growth Takes Time to See Outwardly

Strong Roots

Dig Deep by Nurturing Your Roots

Sometimes through these times, when the storms are raging around you, it is wisest to be still and just know that it will pass. It is a passing phase and it has to turn around at some stage.

So just like a farmer or someone sowing a seed, once the wind rages and blows around the tree, the tree branches may sway roughly around and almost reach their breaking point, but they don't quite break. All they need is watering and pruning every now and then.

Once the storm has passed, you find that your roots have grown even deeper downwards. They take an even stronger stand and keep you upright.

So let them.

In the meantime, allow yourself to sleep, rest, be nurtured and dig deep into your inner most being and create, for creativity is the most valid part of the human soul. When we can find the ability to create and be creative when we are at our lowest, it is this that keeps us going.

Talk about motivation....or lack of it!

I knew this phase all too well, but it is this that allowed me to learn to rest, because without the rest I would still be down and going nowhere, unable to think, to visualise, to express, to be or to see in every aspect of the word see!

To many who don't necessarily understand or see where you are going, well, this is an even bigger reason for them to let you go. And they will.

It is painful and lonely being on a journey wherein no one, but you, can see the end result - your vision, but patience and perserverance does pay off.

Just keep smiling while the wind blows and dance in the rain!

Nurture Your Roots!

Nurture Your Roots!