Changing the Narrative on SCT - Re-Education!

Sickle Cell Trait Re-Education with Dr Tomia Austin 20th March 2021

Check out the first of many upcoming sickle cell trait discussions, where we aim to share our symptomatic journeys living with sickle cell trait! It is NOT benign for us. A thought which has caused us much pain and damaging to those of us suffering because it's this ignorance killing us!

26.03.2021 - SCD Vs SCT: Let's Relate - Introducing Dr David Owoeye - both Medical Doctor by profession and Sickle Cell Warrior through experience!

Come and Meet our very own Medical Doctor/Sickle Cell Warrior for a personal discussion on living life with SCD and overcoming it’s challenges. ​
Prolific Author, writer and Infection prevention and control specialist - you will be encouraged to listen in and take note!

Heavy Metal Detox - Nutritional Deficiencies and All Things Herbs in Sickle Cell Trait with Medical Herbalist Julia Davis and full SCT Warrior panellists sharing their stories! - 17/04/21

Many of us know that pharmaceutical medication has it's drawbacks and tends to mask pain, in oppose to fixing the cause from the roots.
Check out this discussion to help minimise if not prevent your SCT and other ailment pain naturally by cleansing the body from within of heavy metals!

SCD & Managing Your Health Naturally with KW all the way from sunny Trinidad and Tobago - 9th June 2021

A heart to heart discussion with KW and myself talking about his journey with SCD and managing his health naturally! Listen to KW sharing his experiences and tips with us, with keeping healthy and staying positive whilst living with sickle cell! Let's focus on health and living well together!

World Sickle Cell Day - Changing the Narrative on Sickle Cell Trait - 19th June 2021

Changing the narrative of SCT, one discussion at a time!
Always believed SCT is benign? Unaware of the risks and dangers of having SCT and the associated complications? You're not the only one! With the majority of medical textbooks out there being so incorrect and classifying SCT as benign!

SCT & Beta Thalassaemia trait - yet undiagnosed disease!  Surviving Strokes with Chauncey - 17.02.2024