2020 You've been so good to Me,

In hindsight, made me see;

How change and a reset was necessary,

To develop and rebirth individually!


You Started off like any other year,

Then the whole world was gripped by fear;

Of this scary chasm of disease unknown,

Sent us all panicking, whilst being stuck at home!


Hospitals filled up to their brim,

Worldwide things began looking and feeling so grim!

Lockdown, flights grounded, plenty jobs have been lost.

Black lives brutalised, no matter the cost!

George Floyd murdered on international TV!

Rayshard Brooks, Daniel Prude, Breonna Taylor;

Philando Castille to name just a few.

Their names etched, scarred forever in the hearts of our society;

Divide and conquer seemed to be the tool!


Those racist police minority,

Full of evil seemed to prevail at the world's core;

Not realising what was yet for us in store!

Covid-19 was just the surface given distraction,

When deep down control seemed to be the main course of action!


Of the new world order dictating to the masses;

No vaccination, so no free passes;

To life as we knew it just not so long ago,

Although it seems like a lifetime has passed!


Many have died, but not just from this!

When they've recovered it seems that victory is missed!

Myself, I went through the worst sickle cell crisis;

But it has made me realise just what my fight is!


A warrior was reborn from deep within my soul,

My trauma and pain connected me to others; 

Who collectively suffer just like I do.

Rare renal medullary cancer, headaches, pain crisis!

Silent strokes, sight loss and carers who feel helpless,

Because sickle cell trait is deemed healthy!


Yet here we are; over 150 of us have found each other!

From all corners of the world we united,

Our number growing as warriors;

To raise awareness and bring about change,

To how sickle cell disorder from the medical world is accessed!


Hopefully more research and funds will be raised;

So that this new year 2021 can bring new hope,

Not just for us,

But for the whole globe!


2020 just when I thought I'd gone through the worst,

You decided to show me just who you are!

It ended with me being hospitalised, 

Mini stroke; query Bells Palsy they say!

They're not sure, so it remains to discover,

But I'm a fighter, so at home I recover;

And will turn what you brought to destroy me 

Into my testimony!


2020 by God's grace, we still stand,

And the majority of us will take each other by the hand!

You've shown us greed and selfishness

And the ugliness of being hu-man;

But you've also shown us strength, love, unity,

Joy and pain which brings forth beauty! 


For in our losses, we have learned to find,

A resolve that can only be God sent;

To rebuild and reset and moreso count what truly matters;


Through the challenges we've individually,

And collectively faced,

You've taught us to embrace,

A deeper and more meaningful outlook,

And aim even higher than before;


Knowing that there are no boundaries once we set our minds to it!

Whatever our goals are;

They're attainable,

Because of You! 


Not letting go of our immense determination;

To find joint solutions

And rebuild 

Our nations!


So as we say goodbye to 2020,

At midnight tonight

Here's wishing you all a Happy, prosperous

And God-filled New Year!

May it be your best yet,

Come what may!


2021 Welcome!

And let us not forget,

From where we've come from;

So that we don't become stagnant,

But continue to grow;

And become better,

For each other.


And learn to humble ourselves,

Before our creator;

Because humanity has become so arrogant!

That's our fatal flaw,

Whether you agree or not; 

I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and reflective

New Year,

May it bring out the fighter in You!


I've learned a lot;

And for that I'm personally grateful;

Especially realising that my God,

Is always faithful!


No matter how much pain I've been

Mentally, emotionally or physically in,

He's helped me make it to the other side.

My rainbow in the rain is the fact that I am

Still alive!


So finally without looking back

I thank you 2020 for all the chaos

You've caused;

Because without you

I wouldn't be able to give a round of applause,

To all who deserve a little recognition!


Y'all friends and family,

Know just who you are!

Thank you for making it this far, 

With me!

God bless, I love you and

I pray the best of 2021 

Over and for you in Jesus name! 


Happy New Year 2021!!! 




Written on 31.12.2020 By

Louise Rachael Mwape Miller