What is Sickle Cell Trait?

What this means in brief!

Sickle Cell Trait (Haemoglobin AS) is an inherited blood condition, but unlike sickle cell anaemia it is not classified as a disease. It cannot turn into the full blown disease, but can also cause some problems, as there are a percentage of abnormal red blood cells that a carrier has.

There are certain circumstances in which carriers can experience crisis, but it is said to be very rare.

In my experience and from meeting many others like me, who are carriers of sickle cell trait, this is definitely not the case.

I have always had symptoms, some of which have been very severe, from the age of five years old!

Sickle Cell Trait Diagram of How It Is Inherited

Sickle Cell Trait Diagram of How It Is Inherited

See the Diagram Above

As the diagram above depicts, it is genetically inherited from one parent who either is a carrier of the abnormal 'sickled' haemaglobin (S), while the other parent will pass on the gene for normal haemaglobin (A) or if the parent has full blown sickle cell anaemia and passes on the gene for sickled haemaglobin (S).

There is a 50% chance of the child being a carrier where this ocurs.

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