Mwape's Release

Symptomatic: My Sickle Cell Trait Journey

A bit about me...

Living and Loving Life

My name as you may have guessed by my website is Mwape Miller.

Mwape is my Zambian name given to me by my Zambian mother, although my full name is Louise Rachael Mwape Miller, I prefer Mwape. I am half Morrocan and half Zambian.

I love travel, reading, art, dancing, singing, writing and music along with cooking. My family and friends call me Lulu. 

I have Sickle Cell Trait, let me take you on a journey to learn how you can help yourself!

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What You Need To Know

Normal and Sickled Red Blood Cells


Carriers of sickle cell anaemia, diagnosed as having sickle cell trait can suffer crisis and other sickle cell complications too.

If this is your experience, then welcome to my blog!

I aim to inform you of the misconceptions through my story and the testimonials of other symptomatic carriers, so you can empower & help yourself!

Incorrectly Informed