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Symptomatic: My Sickle Cell Trait Journey

Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?

It's Time for Change!


They say time is a healer, but really how do you truly heal from something that so many people, namely professionals ignore daily and have such a low level of understanding of and about?

I don't know that time heals all wounds.....

What I do know is that with time, the pain becomes easier to manage and we as human beings find better ways to cope with pain.  It's sad that in this day and age, it is acceptible to leave people in agony when they ask for help

That's exactly what some medics do!  Not all, but many.  This I've found to be the case with many from within the sickle cell community, not just with sickle cell trait, but many with any sickled haemoglbinopathy.

Time Passing By

Ethics Should be At the Heart of Patient Focused Care

Ethics should be at the Core of Patient Centred Medical Care and Intervention

Accepting that Doctors Don't Know Everything

So what I've realised and accepted is that doctors do not know everything and everything requires patient involvement in order to obtain the necessary information to make an informed and medically wise decision in how to proceed with a treatment plan.  

Because my body is different to that of a totally normal person and a common knowledge within the sickle community is that our bodies change over time.  What used to be okay for us, may have now become a trigger or crisis may last longer or we develop other complications because of cumulative damage, over time, or with age comes progression of any pain or symptoms and potential complications stemming from those. 

I also came to discover that the harm I'd been doing to my body, by keeping quiet when doctors have turned me away is not reversible!  I can't change the damage which has already been done, due to vaso-occlusion causing poor oxygen-flow in my body.  This in turn causes infarction (tissue death due to lack of blood supply to an area). 

It is funny how many within the healthcare profession are afraid to admit when they don't have a clue! I found this to be much of my experience this year. However, I found amazing consultants, who unashamedly admitted that they did not understand my presentation, but they were willing to work with me to better find out just what my most recent triggers were and listened to me in order to minimise risks and safeguard my health, by providing me what my body told them I need. I guess the longer time passes, if all healthcare professionals become more engaged ethically, rather than thinking about the financial cost of treatments for a patient like me, maybe things will change and change for the good!

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Ignorance Kills

Admitting Ignorance and Willingness to Learn is Key to Change!