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Symptomatic: My Sickle Cell Trait Journey

Phostina - Symptomatic SC Trait - video diary - Zambia - Date: 1.2.21

Sharing the same vision to empower others who are symptomatic that it's okay to share.

The only way we will be heard is to speak out about what we go through as carriers, who are symptomatic, because it is so disruptive to everyday life!
Thank you sis for sharing, #2getherwestand! xxx

Phostina - Zambia - Knee Swelling of the Left and Right Knee, predominantly the Right hand side

Phostina - Zambia - Jan 2021 - Swelling of the Right Hand from the Wrist to the Hand - Dactylitis

Reflections: Sickle Cell Trait and How Covid-19 Impacted on Treatment Delays

As part of the Silent Elephant Project's short course reflecting on how covid-19 impacted my life, I realised whilst the virus did not affect me till this year, it did impact me by delaying treatment whilst going through the worst crisis of my life, but also connected me to others who are like me!