Mwape's Release

Symptomatic: My Sickle Cell Trait Journey

Facing My Fears

Building Back Up.....

So as I am a newly qualified...well six months' qualified Personal Trainer, who suffered with a bad back, my mood has been greatly lifted with training.

My aim has been to train 3 times a week and I have slowly been building my personal home gym. I seem to be sleeping workout routines.

I mainly focus on cardio and cardio circuit training, but I have become more confident in myself, feeling better with my back, so I am pushing past those boundaries though invisible that tried to tie me down for so long and keep me in a state of fear.

The fear of "what if my back goes again" or "what if I end up immobile again," so I take it one step, on my treadmill, at a time and one day at a time...gentle if I have to, but it is still hard for me.

Taking Each Workout One Day, Step and Weight at a Time!

Mental Barriers

I am pushing past my pain threshold, expanding my mental barriers, bit by bit, until they will completely vanish and I can be free to run and go as hard as I please (or as hard as my body lets me)!

I intend to get to better and stronger and fitter than ever before!!!

I intend to feel fresh snow on my face as I run through the fresh early morning air for miles on end!

I intend to hill run and enjoy the beautiful spring or summer evening breeze as the wind blows through my hair!

I intend to build up to take on HIIT classes, once I am physically able to do so and I am intentionally saying all this aloud, because I am a runner and I am fearless even when I fear!!! (December 2017).

The Runner in Me Won't Let Me Give it Up!