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Pu'u Kahea - A Gift From Nature....Hawaiin Art At It's Best

Turn Toxicity into Something Pretty!

Turning Negative Emotions Into Something Beautiful

I often find that I am lost deep in thought and so when I needed to have a bit of chill out time, this was the way I used to do it back when I was a young lady in high school.

I had put this skill aside, forgetting that I had the gift of being able to draw and create something pretty on a blank canvas.

I always draw still life, as I find my brain is too complex to draw what I see inside, so I rely on visualisation of nature for the inspiration and interpret what I see in my way.

I had a couple of highly emotional days this week, not quite tear jerking, more like patience testing and anger filled, so I decided to put them to good use instead of fuelling the fire which already was brewing within the pit of my stomach!

No, I am not a fire breathing dragon, but I am a scorpio with a deadly sting in her tail and just like the scorpio is silent right before she attacks her prey, I bear a few of those deadly characteristics. Some, which at times, can get the better of me!

So I drew this....Pu'u Kahea a native Hawaiian flower from a photograph I saw online and it turned all that toxicity into something pretty!

The more I painted in water colour, the more beautiful the picture before my very eyes became and the more I wanted to create a beautiful masterpiece......and to me, that is where the real skill lies in finding something ugly and turning it into something beautiful like I did those ugly emotions!

The finished masterpiece of 2017 - leaving this year behind and beginning the new one embracing my creativity welcoming joy & love in abundance!